Health Protection

The employer has a duty to protect the personality and health, both physical and mental, of his or her employees. In particular, he/she must take measures to prevent occupational accidents, stress at work and burn-out situations. Employers have various means to act.

Sport and work

It is well known! Sport is an activity that keeps you physically fit and allows you to free yourself from the stress of the day. Encouraging sport is an appropriate way for the employer to promote the health of his/her employees.

Employees who have the opportunity to engage in sports activities are often less stressed and therefore more productive. However, reconciling work life, family responsibilities and sport is not always easy.

Employers can think of ways to promote sport at work. He/she can call on sports professionals or even better reconcile work and private life so that employees can go and do sports. However, the employer will have to make sure that his/her employees actually go to do sports and do not take advantage of the working hours to go for a drink with friends. 

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