Right of revocation of the sales contract


Between lights and festive atmosphere, everything is done in fairs to encourage the onlooker to buy everything and especially anything. A new blender that seems indispensable, a dress that seems to fit like a glove, a bike to finally accomplish our good resolutions of the end of the year ... Everything goes!


Once home, the buyer often realizes that he made a purchase on a whim and would not know what to do with the object that seemed so indispensable at the time. Can he repent and revoke the contract of sale? Or is he bound by this hasty decision?


As a rule, the buyer is bound by the contract he has entered into, even if he feels that he has been pushed into consuming the item by an overly insistent seller. The right of revocation of the sales contract that exists for door-to-door sales does not apply.

However, the Consumer Credit Act offers a last resort to the buyer. He will be able to go back on his commitment, under very specific conditions. However, he will have to act quickly, at the risk of seeing his right fly away. 

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