Marianne Favre Moreillon


Director and founder of the law firm DroitActif and EspaceDroit

Marianne Favre Moreillon is the director and founder of the law firm DroitActif in Lausanne since 1998.

With a law degree and several years of experience in the world of finance and law firms, Marianne Favre Moreillon decided to put her know-how and practice at the service of companies.

Making the subtleties of labor law accessible to the greatest number of people and more particularly to companies is a fundamental value for Marianne Favre Moreillon. To this end, she regularly publishes articles in the French-speaking press (PME Magazine, 24 Heures, Bilan, HR Today).

A regular contributor to the RTS LA LA 1ÈRE program "On en parle", on topical labor law issues, Marianne Favre Moreillon brings her pragmatic and practical vision and ideas on all legal issues that a company may face, through its HR and managers.

She is also the author of several books and publications and offers a lively approach to labor law in an increasingly tense economic world in search of practical and human solutions.

What is EspaceDroit?

A new website with more than 450 articles based on the latest case law, a referencing based on an unrivalled know-how and expertise recognized as a leader in labor law, which offers concrete solutions to HR and to all companies looking for practical questions and answers. HR problems are costly for every company. This service allows you to reduce your costs with a simple login.


From the birth...…

Simultaneously to the creation of the law firm DroitActif in Lausanne in 1998, Marianne Favre Moreillon published a newsletter called EspaceDroit which she sends to all her clients and to many national and multinational companies.

Often inspired by the latest case law in the field of labor law, the EspaceDroit newsletter presents a current topic that a company may be confronted with These issues, published each new season, are illustrated by examples drawn from practical experience in the world of employment.

Over the years, the topics covered in the various EspaceDroit publications have been numerous and varied. They led to the creation of a book entitled "Droit du travail, aspects juridiques et pratiques", published by Helbing & Lichtenhahn, in 2004. Quickly sold out, a second edition was published in 2006. Sold out again, a third edition is about to be published.

…...to the Knowledge Base

With the publication of these newsletters for more than 20 years and the interest they arouse in companies and more particularly in HR departments, I realized that it was necessary to set up a website to reference all my articles on labor law that have appeared in various daily newspapers and magazines such as 24heures/Tribune de Genève, Bilan, PME Magazine, Le monde économique, HR Today. Currently, this directory contains more than 450 themes classified by more than 250 keywords.

Companies, HR and managers need to be supported in their daily management of labor law. In each situation, they must act quickly without the right to make mistakes, while considering the constantly changing case law.

These 450 articles provide companies, their HR and managers as well as SME owners with support to enable them to apply clear solutions to their daily questions and problems. By regularly consulting the EspaceDroit website www.espacedroit.ch and the new articles to be published, you will be able to anticipate problems and act in a timely manner.