Commuting/transportation time


Commuting time is the time spent traveling between the employee's home and the usual place of work or the destination in the case of business travel.

Working time

Working time is defined as the period of time during which the employee is at the disposal of his/her employer, either directly by performing his/her contractual duties or indirectly by spending time in the interest of the company. With respect to travel time, the question of whether it is working time that must be compensated is often a difficult one.

Specific situations

Should the employee be paid for travel time to the usual place of work? What about when he/she has to go to a branch of the company in Switzerland or to a customer?

When the employee is traveling abroad, the travel time can be particularly long, especially when flying to a destination outside Europe. How can the time spent travelling be accounted for? Is it the same if the employee takes the opportunity to work in the plane or in the train? 

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