Staff party


End of year parties or a colleague's farewell party are good opportunities to have a relaxed staff party with colleagues. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, a company party is still a professional event.

Employees cannot afford to engage in inappropriate behavior, such as dancing on the table or grabbing a colleague's buttocks. The employer, on the other hand, must take steps to prevent things from getting out of hand.

Employer's responsibility

The employer is obliged to protect the health and personality of his/her employees, including during a staff party. However, during a staff party, excesses are possible, especially when alcohol is involved. The employer must take measures to prevent incidents, such as inappropriate comments or gestures or drunk driving. Failure to do so will result in liability.

Employee's responsibility

As for the employee, he or she must ensure that his or her behavior is as exemplary as when he or she is at work. Excessive consumption of alcohol, revealing clothing, inappropriate behavior or behavior that could constitute sexual harassment are absolutely prohibited.

The employer may take sanctions against the employee in order to protect his or her colleagues. He/she will have to react quickly especially when images or videos circulate on the Internet because they are likely to damage the company's image. 

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