Health Protection

The employer has a duty to respect and protect the health of his or her employees. This duty is particularly broad. In particular, the employer must ensure that the employee is able to take breaks and eat. The employer must also ensure that the premises are set up and furnished in such a way that the employees can comply with the hygiene standards in force.


The refectory is a room in which employees can take their break, eat and wash, if necessary. While it is useful in all companies, the employer is sometimes required to provide one.

The Labor Act provides that the employer must provide one if the need arises, particularly when the workstation does not meet certain standards that promote rest for the employee or when the employee uses dirty or toxic products.


The refectory must be adapted to the needs of the employees. It must be large enough to accommodate employees in acceptable conditions. Employees must be able to eat or store their meals in hygienic conditions.

Whether a refectory hall should be set up or whether a part of the company can be allocated for this purpose will depend on the size of the company. 

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