Reduction of working hours


During special events such as economic crisis or pandemic, the company's business may temporarily slow down or suspend its activity completely or partially. This loss of work can be due to several factors.

When this loss of work is temporary and unusual in the industry, the employer may claim unemployment insurance benefits for his or her employees in order to avoid layoffs.

Reduced working hours

When the company experiences a loss of business above a certain threshold, it may claim unemployment insurance benefits for its employees. These benefits are subject to conditions.

If granted, the employee will be excused from work, partially or totally. He or she will receive 80% of his or her salary for this period of lost work.

Epidemic/Pandemic Covid-19

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the authorities have taken various measures to contain the spread of the disease. During this period of crisis, the economy slows down.

There are many reasons for this: stores are closing, consumers are less inclined to spend their money, border closures make it difficult for raw materials to arrive, etc. This can affect the workload of employees. Unemployment insurance benefits can be claimed in such situations, under certain conditions.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, these benefits could also be claimed for employees with vulnerable health. However, they were only granted if the employer could not really offer a work pattern or tasks that adequately protected the health of these employees.  

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