20 Feb, 2024 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

Alcohol at work, from alcohol testing to termination with immediate effect

20 Feb, 2024 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

Alcohol consumption in the workplace is associated with accidents, reduced productivity, conflict and even sexual harassment... To fight this plague, employers may, under certain strict conditions, carry out alcohol tests. But beware: in the event of drunkenness at work, immediate dismissal is only possible on a restrictive basis.

Employers must ensure protection of the health and personality of their employees. When faced with an intoxicated employee, the employer must take the necessary precaution measures to prevent accidents.

This article covers the following topics:

  • protecting employees' health
  • prohibition of the consumption of alcohol
  • employer liability in the event of an accident
  • legality and procedures for alcohol testing
  • directive on the prohibition of alcohol
  • doctor-patient confidentiality
  • positive alcohol test and punishment
  • termination with immediate effect

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