7 Feb, 2023 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

Alcohol in the workplace, grounds for dismissal?

7 Feb, 2023 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

Alcohol consumption at work is synonymous with accidents, reduced productivity, relationship problems, and even sexual harassment... What does a drunk employee risk?

By virtue of their duty of care and loyalty, employees must not expose themselves or their colleagues to danger in the workplace, particularly due to a state of inebriation. The employer, on the other hand, is obliged to ensure that the health and safety of his or her employees is not endangered by a co-worker who is under the influence of alcohol.

When an incident with an alcoholic employee occurs, the question of dismissal or even immediate dismissal arises.

This article discusses the following topics:

  • the duty to protect the health and personality of employees
  • duty of care and loyalty of employees
  • the employer's duty to prevent accidents at work;
  • Directive on the prohibition of alcohol consumption at work;
  • Possibility to carry out drug tests under certain conditions;
  • drunkenness at work as a reason for immediate dismissal.

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