21 Feb, 2024 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

Dress code under Swiss law: where does freedom end?

21 Feb, 2024 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

An employee's choice of clothing is a matter of personal freedom enshrined in the Constitution. However, there are limits to this freedom when an item of clothing is detrimental to safety in the workplace or to the company's image.

Clothing is used by employees as a way to express themselves. However, they may come into conflict with the employer’s duty to protect personal safety and health in the workplace or damage the company's image. What are the limits and restrictions on the clothing choice?

This article discusses the following topics:

  • personal freedom and freedom of expression
  • safety and security at work
  • personal protective clothing and equipment
  • protection against sexual harassment
  • company image
  • uniform
  • dress for contact with customers
  • conspicuous religious symbols
  • company regulation

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