6 Jul, 2023 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

The gymkhana of the medical certificate under Swiss law

6 Jul, 2023 by Marianne Favre Moreillon

Illness is proven by the production of a medical certificate. Unfortunately, situations in which the employer is entitled to doubt its validity are frequent. The questioning of such a document is subject to restrictive conditions.

The medical certificate is not an absolute means of proof, but is presumed to be accurate. If the employer has concrete doubts, he or she may take steps to challenge the veracity of the medical certificate.

This article covers the following topics

  • entitlement to salary in the event of illness
  • questioning the certificate
  • measures to be taken by the employer in case of doubt
  • sexual harassment and mobbing
  • activities compatible with a medical certificate
  • taking a holiday during an inability
  • consequences of a false medical certificate

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